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Drainage - help and advice

The law regarding responsibility for drains and sewers changed on the 1st October 2011.

From this date the Government transferred the majority of drainage pipes that are either outside a property's boundary or are shared with other buildings to the sewage/water companies.

Craven is covered by two sewage and water companies depending on where you live. 

What to do if it my drains are blocked?

Try to find if anyone else is affected, speak to your neighbour if possible, if they are affected it is probably a problem with the sewer and the sewage/water company are responsible.

If you are sure that your house is the only one affected, you will need to contact a drain clearing specialist as the homeowner is responsible for any problems which occur to the drain within the boundary of their property. If you are in rented accommodation please contact your landlord.

If the problem is only affecting your property, but you are sure that the cause is not located within your boundary, then this maybe the responsibility of the sewage/water company.

If you are unsure who is responsible, please contact the customer service centre for the sewage/water company in your area. Alternatively the Council Environmental Health will be able to advise you. Please contact 01756 706255.

Drains in the Highway

A road gully is a small chamber covered by a metal grating, found in the gutter of a roadway.  It is used to collect surface water from the road.  The responsibility for road gullies belongs to North Yorkshire County Council, please contact: Report a flood issue - North Yorkshire County Council Customer Portal