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Dust and Odour

Dust and Odour may constitute a statutory nuisance if it "interferes materially with the well being of the residents, i.e. affects their well being, even though it may not be prejudicial to health".

The following will be considered by the Council when investigating an alleged statutory nuisance arising from dust, gas, or fumes:

  1. The nature of dust/fumes/gases;
  2. The source and reason for emission;
  3. The frequency and duration of release;
  4. The reason for release;
  5. The effects on the residents;
  6. The available remedies

Statutory nuisance of dust only applies to commercial sources of dust.  This could be work carried out by builders on a domestic property, demolition work or work carried out on a commercial property.

Best Practicable Means should be employed at all times to prevent dust emissions.

Dust on Craven's roads

The District Council has no powers regarding dust deposits on roads.  This is a North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department matter and will be investigated if the deposits are endangering safety to road users. You may phone them on 08458 727374