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Filthy and Verminous Premises

Environmental Health have a statutory duty to deal with filthy and/or verminous premises, under section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and section 83 of the Public Health Act 1936.

Craven District Council can serve an Abatement Notice on premises that are in a condition of disrepair or serious lack of cleanliness. The notice is usually served on the occupier, the landlord or building owner.

Infestation by rats or mice

Craven District Council has a statutory duty to take action to eradicate infestations in residential and commercial premises.

Infestation by fleas, cockroaches or other insect pests

Information is available in the pest control section of the website.


Checks should be made for any previous involvement by North Yorkshire County Council's Social Services Department  regarding the occupier. If deep and thorough cleaning is required, specialist hygiene contractors can provide this service.

A member of the Environmental Health team normally oversees all cleansing operations. The officer will also be able to help in finding a suitable contractor if needed.

Filthy and/or verminous articles

Anything that can be salvaged may require either steam cleansing or disinfection by an approved chemical disinfectant. Otherwise articles will be removed and destroyed.

Filthy or verminous pets

The RSPCA should be fully involved. Treatment of pets should be undertaken by an approved Veterinary Surgeon, although an owner can apply proprietary dusting powders and flea collars for minor infestations.

Filthy or verminous persons

Social Services should be consulted immediately in the case of any person who is lousy or suspected of suffering from a noticeable infectious disease. Under section 85 of the Public Health Act 1936, the affected person can be removed to a disinfecting station or hospital for treatment for lice or other noticeable infectious disease.

In the case of a deceased person, the Police should be contacted immediately.