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Light Pollution

Light Pollution is the intrusion of over bright or poorly directed lights onto neighbouring properties , e.g. an incorrectly positioned security light shining into a bedroom window.

Minimising Light Pollution

Often the remedy is quite simple, it may just require a minor adjustment or an agreement when the lights should be turned off.  The Institute of Lighting Engineer's leaflet "Domestic Security Lighting, Friend or Foe is a useful document and can be downloaded below.

Domestic Security Lighting, Friend or Foe [101kb]
If the owner of the lighting is unwilling to remedy the situation contact the Environmental Health Team.  The complaint will be investigated and resolved informally at first.  If this approach fails and a nuisance has been determined then an abatement notice may be served.  If the offender fails to comply with the notice legal proceedings can be taken to the magistrates' court.

Always check that lights are correctly adjusted so that they only illuminate the surface intended and do not throw light onto neighbouring property.

  • Security lights should be correctly adjusted so that they only pick up the movement of persons in the area intended and not beyond.
  • For domestic security lights a 150W lamp is adequate and for all night porch lights a 9W lamp is more than adequate in most situations.
  • To reduce the effects of glare main beam angles for all lights should be below 70 degrees.