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Entertainment Noise

Excessive entertainment noise from pubs, clubs and festivals can be a problem, sometimes badly affecting neighbours.

Legal Controls   

Organisers are always asked to consult the Environmental Health Team before providing amplified music or entertainment. Many events will need a Public Entertainment Licence, even if they are not licensable, it is best to get advice before you start organising an event with entertainment.

Affected by entertainment noise

The council has powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to take action to minimise and prevent a "statutory noise nuisance". An Abatement Notice can be served and contravention of such a notice will be an offence. Monitoring of the nuisance will need to be undertaken by the Environmental Health Team and you will be issued with monitoring forms to help to establish if a statutory noise nuisance exists.

Noise Monitoring Form [26kb] 

How Can I Prevent Noise Nuisance At My Event?

Preventing Noise Nuisance need not be expensive:    

  1. Simply lowering the volume and reducing the bass can achieve it. Keep the music at a reasonable level. Tune out the bass (this is a major problem with complaints).
  2. Keep windows and doors shut, including emergency doors.      
  3. Keep speakers away from party walls with your neighbours.
  4. Place speakers on acoustic mats or absorbent material that will absorb some sound. Speakers can also be hung from the ceiling; this helps to stop the noise transmitting through the building structure
  5. Design a sound system properly; it is better to have several smaller speakers 'dotted' around the premises, rather than one large one next to the DJ.
  6. Ensure management control over entertainers. During the evening go out into the road and garden to check noise levels.
  7. Do not let the volume 'creep' up during the evening.
  8. Make sure DJ announcements are not a problem.
  9. Ensure good management control over patrons when they are leaving.