Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Care and Repair scheme

Craven's Care and Repair service is provided by the Craven Home Improvement Agency.

They are a not-for-profit organisation operated by Yorkshire Housing Foundation in partnership with Craven District Council.

care at homeCraven Home Improvement Agency provide advice and assistance to older home owners, people on benefits or low incomes, tenants and people with disabilities of any age to carry out repairs, improvements and adaptations to their homes.

Not all improvements and repairs qualify for 'financial assistance'.  If the work that needs doing does qualify, Craven Home Improvement Agency will assist with the application. If the work does not qualify, they can advise and give help to raise finance and explore other avenues.

Craven Home Improvement Agency can help by offering:

  • Technical advice about repairs, improvements and adaptations
  • Help with grant/loan applications
  • Support during and after application and throughout the grant/loan process
  • Help to find a suitable builder 
  • Handyman service
  • Plans drawn, building regulations and approvals obtained
  • Help with undertaking repairs and adaptations, whether you qualify for a grant or wish to do the work privately
  • Referrals as appropriate to other agencies offering home security and insulation
  • Help to get support from social workers or home care assessments from Social Services
  • Free advice and free home inspections

Home Maintenance Support service is also offered by Craven Home Improvement Agency, specifically:

Advice regarding


  • Property condition surveys
  • Repairs advice 
  • Health and Safety checks and advice
  • Home security checks and advice
  • Energy Efficiency checks and advice

This service is available free of charge to all Craven owner occupiers who are 60 and over, or disabled (and in receipt of disability living allowance middle and high rates) or at cost to all remaining Craven owner occupiers.

Technical support

  • Inspecting and evaluating the necessary work 
  • The preparation of specifications 
  • Obtaining contractors' estimates and helping the householder choose their preferred contractor
  • Overseeing and checking all works 
  • Checking invoices and making sure everything is satisfactory before the householder pays the contractor

For this service Craven Home Improvement Agency will charge 10% of the estimated cost of the works.

This service ensures people can be confident their money will be spent wisely on essential repairs, that the work will be carried out properly and to a good standard and also avoids the anxiety and uncertainty of having to organise the work themselves.

Handyperson scheme

  • Minor adaptations
  • Small Repairs
  • Doors/windows (repairs and adjustments)
  • Glazing repairs
  • Minor joinery work
  • Minor plumbing repairs
  • Fitting locks and security chains
  • Fitting smoke alarms
  • Small plaster repair work
  • Draught proofing/insulation
  • Maintenance of external areas to reduce the threat of doorstep crime
  • Energy efficiency measures

The Handyperson service is provided on a materials only cost basis for owner-occupiers in Craven who are over 60 or disabled.