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Grants and Loans

Grants and loans may be available for home owners, private sector landlords and tenants to pay for repairs, improvements and to make the property more energy efficient.

The assistance available will depend on the type of works to be carried out and ownership and occupation of the property. It may be possible to receive more than one type of assistance in some cases.

Details of the assistance and methods the Council uses to improve privately owned properties in Craven is included within our Craven Housing Renewal Policy. If you are renting your property from a social landlord  - such as Yorkshire Housing, Sanctuary Group etc - and you have concerns in relation to the condition of your property you should contact your landlord in the first instance.

On this web page we have included details of schemes that are currently available to people who own or rent from a private sector landlord in Craven:

Repair Assistance Scheme

The Repair Assistance Scheme (RAS) is a private sector housing interest free loan, registered as a local land charge under the Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) (England and Wales) Order 2002. The RAS is provided to assist homeowners who cannot afford to repair their properties and are likely to suffer additional health problems as a result of poor housing conditions.

Assistance up to £6,000 may be given. The amount of assistance (without interest) will become repayable to the Council on the future sale or transfer of the property.

To qualify for the RAS the applicant must meet certain criteria.

The RAS scheme is intended for small to medium sized works of repair, including:

  • Roof repairs
  • Windows/Doors replacement
  • Heating repairs/installation
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Structural defects

For further information or to see if you qualify for the RAS please contact Catherine Thornton - Craven District Council ( or Tel: 01756 706369).

Energy Repayment Loans

Interest free equity and repayment loans for home owners up to a value of £ 3,000. The Energy Repayment Loan is provided to assist homeowners who cannot afford to install interventions that will improve the energy efficiency and warmth of your home. Preference will be given to households in the following areas:

  • Skipton South
  • West Craven
  • Ingleton and Clapham
  • Skipton West
  • Barden Fell
  • Settle and Ribblebanks

or households who are likely to suffer additional health problems as a result of poor housing conditions.

To find out more or to see if you qualify for an Energy Repayment Loan - please contact Nina Pinder - Craven District Council ( or Tel: 01756 706392).

Help to make your home more energy efficient

There are a range of different schemes available - including national, sub regional and local ones.  The types of schemes typically available are grants and loans for:

a) Replacement Central Heating boilers

b) New Central Heating or other heating systems

c) Insulation

or availability of free products such as:

a) Energy Efficient light bulbs

b) Smart Meters

To find out more about current schemes including Better Homes Yorkshire schemes please visit our Help to make your property energy efficient web page or contact Nina Pinder - Craven District Council ( or Tel: 01756 706392).

NOTE: The availability of assistance may change at any time without notice. We cannot guarantee any grant or loan until you have received a written formal approval document. Grants cannot be paid towards the cost of any work carried out before the grant is formally approved.  

Disabled Facilities Grants

Available to people who have a disability or medical condition and their home needs to be adapted in some way so that they can get around the home with as much ease, comfort and independence as possible.  It is a mandatory grant of up to £30,000 awarded by Craven District Council  following referral from North Yorkshire County Council's Health & Adult Services Team. 

Most commonly the grant pays for stair lifts, level access showers and ramps - but also covers extensions to the home where there isn't enough space to facilitate the disabled person's needs. If you or someone you provide care for are struggling to get around the home and access your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room, please contact NYCC on 01609 780780 to arrange an assessment of your needs.

Within our new Craven Housing Renewal Policy adopted in October 2017 we are, subject to the availability of funding, able to offer additional assistance in accordance with the powers conveyed within the Regulatory Reform Order 2002 - we call this Discretionary Assistance. We have included within our policy details of discretionary assistance where there is a clear health and well being benefit for the disabled person. Examples of where we are able to use discretion are to pay for relocation costs - as an alternative to adapting the current home or a Repair Grant to alleviate significant hazards within the home.

The Disabled Facilities Grant is a means tested grant - unless the disabled person is in receipt of "passporting benefits" or the adaptation is for the benefit of a child.  However, we are able to provide discretionary assistance to waiver the requirement for a means test where the works are for a stair lift and/or specialist toilet - where the total cost of works are less than £5,000. Also we may waiver the requirement for a means test where there is a clearly defined and supported need for the work to be carried out as an emergency e.g. in order to facilitate hospital discharge.

To find out more about this grant, please click here or contact Nina Pinder - Craven District Council ( or Tel: 01756 706392).

Winter Plus

Working in partnership with AgeUK and the Craven Home Improvement Agency - during the winter months of November - March we are able to offer small grants for work/equipment that help to make homes more energy efficient, warmer and safer to people aged 65 and over. To find out more, please contact Nina Pinder - Craven District Council ( or Tel: 01756 706392).

Other help available

If you are experiencing financial difficulties in keeping your home warm or your home is affecting your health, please contact the Environmental Health or Housing Options teams of Craven District Council. We will be able to advise you on emergency fuel payments, financial advice and support available or steps that can be taken to improve your situation.