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Craven District Council

Homelessness strategy

Details of the local Craven homelessness strategy and our sub regional strategy.

Craven Homeless and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020 - 2025

The vision for the strategy, created by our Homeless Forum is "By 2025, Craven’s services for homeless households will be delivered through a community network of holistic support. Everyone who needs it will be able to access appropriate support and accommodation".

Priorities for Action:

  • Raise awareness of homelessness and housing issues across the district and the services available to help
  • Join things up between services and organisations so that responses to homelessness are integrated and make the best use of the limited resources available
  • Target prevention activities where they are needed most, at those households at greatest risk of homelessness
  • Work in partnership to ensure that no one has to sleep rough in Craven
  • Develop more affordable housing options and sustainable move-on arrangements from supported housing

Progress against our delivery plan will be published quarterly.   

The strategy and delivery plan can be found at the bottom of this page.

York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Housing Strategy 2015 / 2021

Craven also contributes to the sub-regional strategy. Priority 7 is to reduce homelessness, and has specific actions contained within the action plan.

York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Housing Strategy 2015-21 [1Mb]