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Housing & homelessness strategy

All councils in England have a duty under the Local Government Act 2003 to produce and publish a Housing Strategy.

Craven District Council is a member of the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Strategic Housing Partnership. Together we have developed a sub-regional housing strategy and plan to tackle our shared key priorities. At a local level we have worked with our partners to develop a Homelessness Strategy and plan to address Craven issues and contribute towards sub-regional objectives.


York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Housing Strategy 2015 / 2021

The vision for the sub-regional Strategy is: "To enable more new homes and for all housing to be of a quality, type and size which meets the needs of our urban, rural and coastal communities and supports economic growth."

The Strategy's nine housing priorities are:

ONE: Work with partners to increase the supply of good quality new housing across all tenures and locations (in line with Local Plans/site allocations)

TWO: Ensure that our housing stock reflects the needs of urban, rural and coastal communities

THREE: Ensure that our housing stock meets the diverse needs of our population at all stages of their lives

FOUR: Via policy guidance and negotiation, ensure new homes are of good design and environmental quality regardless of tenure

FIVE: Continue to make best use of our existing stock and ensure that it is of a decent quality to meet the needs of our community

SIX: Ensure all homes have a positive impact on health and well being and are affordable to run

SEVEN: Continue to reduce homelessness

EIGHT: Ensure housing is allocated fairly and on the basis of need

NINE: Provide appropriate housing and support for those with specific housing needs

This strategy focuses primarily on housing delivery covering the Local Enterprise Partnership area of York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. It forms the framework around which all sub-regional housing policies and initiatives are developed. Reducing homelessness remains a sub-regional priority with over-arching actions contained within the sub-regional action plan. However, specific local homelessness issues will be contained within individual local authority homelessness strategies. Craven adopted the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Housing Strategy 2015-21 [1Mb] on August 4, 2015. 

York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Housing Action Plan

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Action Plan ensures delivery of the sub-regional Strategy. It sets out what the Partnership intends to achieve through the Housing Strategy and the key mechanisms for delivery of these ambitions.

Progress towards achieving the sub-regional Housing Strategy is reported periodically to the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Housing Board. The Action Plan [407kb] for 2015/16 has been approved and will be updated each year. Annual Monitoring reports will be posted to our "Housing Facts and Figures" web page.


Craven Homelessness Review and Strategy 2015 / 20

Our Homelessness Strategy is based on evidence derived from the homelessness review carried out during 2014/15. Both the review information and strategy are contained within the one document with supporting statistical and consultation data as Appendices. Our Homelessness Review & Strategy 2015/20 was adopted by the Council on August 4, 2015.

Our Strategy's three priorities are:

ONE:  Reducing Homelessness

TWO: Improving the quality and accessibility of housing services

THREE: Increasing the range and quality of temporary and supported accommodation options

Our strategy looks at the key issues identified during our review - including an increased demand for one-bed properties, increased levels of rough sleeping, vulnerability due to alcohol/drug addiction and concerns regarding the condition of our temporary accommodation.

To view our Homelessness Review and Strategy 2015/20 document and Appendices please click on the following links:

  1. Craven Homelessness Review & Strategy 2015/20 [1Mb]
  2. Appendix A Statistical Information [1Mb]
  3. Appendix B Consultation Results [1Mb]
  4. Appendix C Craven Housing & Homelessness Monitoring Report 2014/15 [698kb]
  5. Appendix D Housing Options Improvement Plan [340kb]
  6. Appendix E Homelessness Strategy Equality Analysis Form [229kb]

Craven Housing and Homelessness Integrated Action Plan 2015/16

The Craven Housing & Homelessness Integrated Action Plan 2015/16 [370kb] contains local actions relating to both housing and homelessness to deliver the sub-regional housing strategy and our Craven Homelessness Strategy. Although only a one-year action plan - it does contain "ongoing" actions for the lifetime of the strategies and will be updated each year following subsequent reviews to include additional actions.

The 2015/16 Action Plan was approved by the Council on August 4, 2015.

Progress towards achieving our Actions will continue to be monitored in accordance with the Council's Performance Monitoring Framework. Our quarterly Craven Housing & Homelessness reports will be presented to Corporate Leadership Team, Policy Committee and our local Housing and Homelessness Forum. Our latest reports relating to our 2014/15 action plan can be found at our "Housing Facts and Figures" web page.

Our strategies and supporting information are available to view on line or to download.  If you require this information in another format such as a hard copy or large print please contact

If you wish to speak to someone about our Strategy and plans, find out further information or to find out how you can get involved in developing our future action plans - please contact us via or telephone 01756 706392.