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Rough sleeping

Ending rough sleeping is a national priority.

no second night outCraven District Council is working with our North Yorkshire local authority partners to develop a "gold standard approach" to addressing the needs of those who are new to the streets as well as those who are entrenched in a rough sleeping lifestyle.

The Governmental Ministerial working group's report Vision to end rough sleeping: No second night out nationwiderecommended that Local Authorities build on their existing homelessness services to adopt a "gold standard approach" to rough sleeping services that meet the No Second Night Out principles. 

The No Second Night Out principles:

  1. New rough sleepers are identified and helped off the streets immediately so they do not fall into a dangerous rough sleeping lifestyle
  2. Members of the public play an active role be reporting and referring people sleeping rough
  3. Rough sleepers are helped to access a place of safety where their needs can be quickly assessed and they can receive advice on their options
  4. The are able to access emergency accommodation and other services, such as healthcare, if needed
  5. People from other areas should be re-connected back to their local community unless there is a good reason not to do so

The local position

In Craven, our levels of rough sleeping are low, however we seek to provide a range of services to support our rough sleepers into services and settled accommodation. Our annual rough sleeper count as at 18 Nov 2015 reported 3 single male rough sleepers - all of whom have been contacted but have refused the assistance offered either because the provision offered is outside of our district as we have no direct access hostels or it is a lifestyle choice.

What we can do - our No Second Night Out Offer

By working in partnership with our North Yorkshire local authority partners we are able to access Department of Communities and Local Government sub-regional funding to deliver the Single Homeless: No Second Night Out (NSNO) Action Plan. This plan includes projects and resources that make up our No Second Night Out Offer to those new to the street as well as addressing the needs of long term and entrenched rough sleepers presenting in Craven. Our Offer includes:

1. Identifying Rough Sleepers:

Our Housing Options team works collaboratively with partners and the public to raise awareness of our contact details and the services we offer. They can report rough sleepers by contacting:

  1. The Housing Options team in office hours
  2. The Ryecare Out of Hours service (Tel: 01653 699392)
  3. Streetlink : the national Rough Sleeper telephone line

2. Assessing the needs of the Rough Sleeper in a safe location:

We are able to offer interview facilities at our Council Offices (Belle View Square, Skipton), Police stations and other appropriate safe locations across Craven subject to agreement with partner organisations and the client. We aim to make contact and assess the needs of the rough sleeper within 0-3 days of the initial report.

3. Provide Emergency Accommodation 

Our Housing Options Team arranges emergency accommodation subject to our Severe Weather Emergency Procedure - see our Severe weather emergency provision web page. However, we do not have any direct access or other Rough Sleeper Hostel Accommodation in Craven and can only source provision outside of our district.

4. Provide Information, advice and support:

We will assess the needs of the Rough Sleeper and make enquiries to support the resolution of their housing problem. We will provide information and advice on housing options available to them. Where there is an identified need for additional support we are able to access the following support funded by the North Yorkshire Single Homelessness budget:

  • Outreach support from partner specialist organisations including:
    • North Yorkshire Horizons specialising in Drug & Alcohol dependency 
    • Horton Housing specialising in support for "hard to reach" groups
  • Grant funding for innovative solutions for individual clients
  • Bonds, rent in advance, tenancy training to help the Rough Sleeper into Private Rented accommodation

We also work in conjunction with the Skipton Baptist Church to provide emergency essential equipment and food parcels - stored in key locations of South Craven, Settle and Skipton.

5. Help to return to Country of Origin:

Our Housing Options Team is able to access Guidance to Reconnect rough sleepers to their country of origin where it is safe to do so using the Reconnections Toolkit and support from HomelessLink.

6. Offer of Accommodation:

Within 7 days from assessment and with the co-operation of the Rough Sleeper we will seek to source accommodation for them. This may not be in Craven but in an area where they have a local connection and/or a support network. For some, they may require specialist supported accommodation - which is not available in Craven and therefore we may source hostel and /or supported accommodation outside of our area. We will make a Single Service Offer and may provide financial assistance to take up that offer through sub-regional funding available to us.

We are continually seeking to improve the services that we offer with the help and support of residents and organisations in our district. If you know of any local groups and services offered that would help us to help others including Rough Sleepers, please contact Nina Pinder -

More information and advice

To find out more about these services please contact the Housing Options Team

To report a person sleeping rough

To report a rough sleeper email us at

Alternatively you may telephone:

  • Office Hours:Housing Options Team 01756 706475
  • Out Of Hours: Streetlink  0300 500 0914
  • Out of Hours: Ryecare Out of Hours service  -Tel: 01653 699392