Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Rough sleeping

Ending rough sleeping is a national priority.

Ending rough sleeping is a national priority.  However, the Council may not always provide accommodation.  It depends on the individual circumstances of each person.

What we can do?

If you want assistance, a Housing Options Officer will meet with you to discuss your circumstances and will give information and advice on your accommodation options.  If you have additional support needs, we can refer you to specialist service providers and get you a food parcel.

Emergency Accommodation 

During bad weather, we may be able to arrange emergency accommodation in accordance with our Severe Weather Emergency Procedure.  This happens:

  • during the period 1st December to 31st March and,
  • when the night time temperature is predicted to be zero degrees or below for 3 consecutive nights.


Outside this period, the Housing Options Manager can trigger the procedure if exceptionally severe weather conditions are predicted (major flood, storms etc. where there may be a risk to life.)

In the event of severe weather, we will provide Homeless Hostel or Bed and Breakfast accommodation for a maximum period of 3 days and we will work with you to address any issues you may have.  The accommodation provided will be on a daily licence and only one period of accommodation will be provided during the period.  After the 3 days, accommodation will only be provided if:

  1. You agree to work with us to help you off the street,
  2. You make a homeless application.

You must engage with the support we provide.

Accommodation outside the Severe Weather period

Within 7 days from your assessment at the Council, as long as you are working with us, we will look for accommodation for you.  This may not be in Craven but in an area where you have a local connection and/or a support network.  If you require specialist supported accommodation not available in Craven, we may try to find hostel and / or supported accommodation outside of our area.

To report a person sleeping rough

For members of the public concerned about someone sleeping rough and want them connected to the local services, a reporting service is available via Streetlink. Reports can be made at any time online here or telephone 0300 500 0914.

Alternatively, you may contact Craven Council in the following ways:

We aim to make contact and assess the needs of the rough sleeper within 0-3 days of the initial reporting.

We are continually seeking to improve the services that we offer with the help and support of residents and organisations in our district.  If you know of any local groups and services that would help us to help others including rough sleepers, please contact Nina Pinder at