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Craven District Council

Low Carbon Retrofit Project

Drone footage and pictures of Craven District Council buildings showcase its net zero pledge

This amazing footage showcases Craven District Council’s commitment to tackling climate change.

In August 2019, The Council unanimously declared a Climate Emergency and since then has taken big steps to reduce its energy demand and generate its own energy.

Thanks to £1.2million part-funding from the European Regional Development Fund, Craven District Council is on a mission to cut costs and carbon by installing new insulation and solar panels across its public buildings – with a major commitment to working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The project includes the fitting of solar panels on all CDC buildings which are:

  • Skipton Town Hall
  • Aireview House
  • Skipton Crematorium Remembrance Chapel
  • Craven Arts House
  • The new waste depot at Engine Shed Lane
  • Craven Leisure

So far The Council has achieved a lot by retrofitting its buildings to generate renewable energy, cut emissions and energy costs with an aim to save 266 tonnes of Carbon, which is equivalent to saving over 12,000 trees.

Almost 800 solar panels have been fitted in total to most of The Council buildings and it is estimated The Council will save nearly £130,000 a year in energy costs for the next 10-25 years (based on latest energy prices June 2022).

This is just the start and Craven District Council is looking to do a lot more to tackle the global crisis, including the installation of heat pumps in its buildings, electric charging points in various locations around Craven and so much more.

Craven District Council is determined to create a cleaner, greener future for the people of Craven.

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