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Craven District Council

Equal Opportunities Information

Craven District Council aims to ensure that it offers fair access to employment and develops an inclusive workforce which reflects the local community.

Our annual Equalities Monitoring Report will demonstrate that we are doing this.

We also aim to be an employer of choice through the application of fair recruitment practices and policies and by actively challenging all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

We have undertaken an impact assessment of our employment practices and policies to assess the impact of these on specific groups and individuals, and prepared an action plan to address areas of negative impact.

We collect information broken down by ethnic origin, gender and disabled status about applicants for jobs within the Council. We monitor this to ensure that our recruitment practices are non discriminatory and that every one has had a fair chance during the recruitment process.

We also collect similar information about our staff to ensure that we act fairly with regard to:

  • employment status (part-time/full-time);
  • temporary/permanent;
  • pay band or earnings levels;
  • length of service;
  • grievance and disciplinary procedures;
  • the implementation of the council's policy on harassment, bullying and victimisation; and
  • dismissals and other reasons for leaving ( e.g. voluntary , ill health, redundancy, retirement).

This information will be reported regularly to the Council Management Team and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

We will implement any actions arising from the Equal Pay Review which was undertaken to discover pay gaps for different groups of Council employees doing equal work, and to close those gaps which were found to be discriminatory on the basis of sex, disability, age or ethnicity.