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Street Performance and Busking

Street Performance and Busking

Although a Busker's licence is not required for the District all Buskers must adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

The location/pitch for any street performance or busking and method of activity, including the placing of equipment on the highway, must not cause undue obstruction to other users of the highway, such as pedestrians and street cleaners. Any performance or busking activity must also not cause a noise nuisance to those living or working nearby due to either the volume and/or duration of the performance.

Buskers/Performers must not:

  • make use of street furniture such as public seating, lampposts, planters, railings etc; this includes the attachment of posters and adverts;
  • set-up within 50 metres of another busker/performer;
  • be present for more than 90 minutes in any one location (including breaks) and not return to the same location within the same 24 hours;
  • use amplification or drums, trumpets or other loud instruments or otherwise cause noise nuisance to residents or businesses;
  • perform in a manner that could be considered dangerous and/or inappropriate and must not be dressed or conduct themselves in a manner that is likely to cause alarm, distress or offence to members of the public;
  • actively collect money, using signage or any other means; however, it will be permissible to have a receptacle, such as a hat, music case or box for the acceptance of donations from the public;
  • sell any merchandise; or
  • obstruct access to shops, cash machines, phones and post boxes.

In addition Buskers/Performers are requested to take regular breaks in order to allow crowds to disperse, and are expected to comply with any reasonable request made by a council or police officer.

A responsible adult should accompany minors busking or performing.

We will:

  • continue to investigate and share complaints with partner agencies that are received about the activities of buskers and street performers; and
  • carry out spot checks on performers in order to ensure that they are complying with the code.

If you think that an individual or group are causing a noise nuisance, then report this to Craven District Council, Environmental Health. The Council will offer advice and try to deal with each case reasonably. If any issues that have been raised continue to be a problem afterwards, we can use statutory powers to resolve them if needs be.

Please note for busking and street performances you will need to consult with the local Council before commencement. Below are the links to the Council webpages for the most popular areas.

Skipton Town Council

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Grassington Town Council