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Occasional Use Notice

An Occasional Use Notice allows betting on a track on eight days or less in a calendar year, without the need for a premises licence.

Where there is betting on a track for eight days or less in a calendar year, an occasional use notice may permit betting without the need of a gambling premises licence.

How to apply for a notice

You must fill out the occasional use notice application form and send this to the Licensing Team at Craven District Council. Contact us for an application form.

Please note: There is no fee.

These notices can only be used for eight days or less in a calendar year.

The notice, which should specify which day it relates to, must be served on us and copied to the Chief Officer of Police for the area in which the track is located. Consecutive days can be specified on the notice but the overall limit of eight days per calendar year should not be exceeded.

Provided that the notice will not result in betting facilities being available for more than eight days in a calendar year, there is no provision for counter-notices or objections to be submitted.