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Group 2 Medical

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers must provide a Group 2 Medical Certificate.

Arranging a Group 2 medical

You will need to arrange a Group 2 medical with your GP using the Council's form.

Your GP may charge for this service. You are responsible for any charges payable to your GP.

All applicants are required to meet their DVLA Group 2 standard. You will need to provide your Group 2 medical to the Council.

Applicants must arrange for a Group 2 medical every five years on renewal or sooner at the discretion of the Council.

DVLA Group 2 standards

The standards are available at the UK .gov website:

Visit the UK Government assessing fitness to drive pages

Visit the UK Government medical guidelines pages


The standard of acuity of vision is considered unsatisfactory if it is below 6/9 with one eye or 6/12 with the other eye, with or without optical aid. Also the uncorrected acuity in each eye MUST be at least 3/60. (Grandfather rights may apply to drivers who have held a licence for a number of years - further information can be obtained from the Licensing Department).


Special attention is directed to the condition of the arms, hand, legs and particularly to the joints of the upper and lower extremities.

Each year on renewal you must complete a self certification.