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Staying Safe: Guidance for Passengers

Guidance to assist passengers in identifying licensed vehicles and the increased risks of using unlicensed vehicles.

What is a Hackney Carriage?

Hackney Carriages are often referred to as taxis.

  • A taxi can be flagged down, pre-booked or use a taxi rank.
  • A taxi must display the following external signage:
    • door signs with the Council's name (as the Licensing Authority) and a unique number (preceded by the letters HCV which denotes Hackney Carriage Vehicle) which relates to that vehicle only, and
    • a white plate on the rear of the vehicle which will match the number of the door signs and inform you how many passengers the vehicle may carry, the make and model of vehicle and expiry date of the licence.

Craven has three taxi ranks:

  • Skipton Bus Station (Waller Hill)
  • Swadford Street
  • Sackville Street.
Only taxis licensed by Craven District Council may use these taxi ranks.

What is a Private Hire Vehicle?

A Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) can only ever be pre-booked by a licensed operator. A PHV:

  • Cannot be flagged down or use a taxi rank
  • Cannot call itself a taxi
  • Must display the following external signage:
    • a red plate on the rear of the vehicle which carries a unique identifying number preceded by the letters PHV, along with the number of passengers the vehicle can carry, make and model of vehicle and expiry date of the licence.
A Private Hire Vehicle which has not been pre-booked should not be used as it will not be insured and may not be licensed.

Your rights as a passenger

When you have hired a taxi or pre-booked a private hire vehicle you have certain rights as a passenger:

  • the driver must take you to your destination by the shortest route possible, unless you have a preferred route
  • the driver must comply with any reasonable instructions you give
  • the driver must not allow other passengers to share the vehicle without your agreement
  • if requested, the driver should assist in loading and unloading luggage and should also carry it to and from a house, station or place where you are picked up or set down (unless they have a valid exemption certificate issued by Craven DC).

When using a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle:

  • Where possible pre-book a return vehicle before going out
  • Arrange to be picked up from a safe meeting point or use a recognised taxi rank (see list above)
  • Inform a third party of your journey details
  • When making a booking by phone or at a taxi rank, always ask what the fare is likely to be. Remember, taxis must not charge above the prescribed table of fares. Taxis must use the meter on journeys though they may charge less than the fare displayed on the meter.
  • Where possible always sit in the rear of the vehicle behind the driver
  • Confirm the booking with the driver when they arrive so you know you are getting into the right vehicle
  • Note the vehicle licence number
  • Note the driver's number.  All drivers must display a driver identification badge in the vehicle and wear a identification badge. This will start with HCD (for taxi drivers) or PHD (for private hire drivers)
  • Stay alert and be polite and respectful
  • The Council keeps and maintains a register of all licensed vehicles, drivers and and private hire operators and this can be found online


The majority of drivers in Craven are professional and courteous and most journeys take place with no issues. However if you do experience any issues please contact us as soon as possible after your journey to raise any concerns. Information for doing so can be found here.  

If you believe the standard of service that you have received from a licensed driver has exceeded what you expected, please let us know.