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Hellifield Flashes: Planning History and Enforcement Issues

Legal advice obtained by the council on a variety of issues relating to the development of Hellifield Flashes.

The above matter is to be considered by a Special Planning Committee on 26th October.

Counsel has been asked to advise Craven District Council, the local planning authority, on a variety of issues relating to the development of the site.

The report of Harriet Townsend, Cornerstone Barristers, and an executive summary of the advice is published here and is available to view and download.

Download the full Hellifield Flashes Advice for publication

Download the Executive Summary Hellifield Flashes Advice for publication

The public are invited to submit any questions they may have in respect of the advice within the specified publication period to:

The designated mailbox opens on Thursday 24th September and will close at 4pm on Thursday 15th October. Comments will not receive an individual response but will be considered by counsel after the publication period is closed and answered at committee.

Any emails received after that time may not be considered.

Should you require any particular document that is referenced within the advice, please contact specifying the particular document, and the Council shall endeavour to provide a copy of the same.