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Parking Strategy and Orders

Craven District Council's Parking Strategy sets out the Council's strategic approach to the current and future parking provision in Craven.

Parking Strategy 2014 - 2019

The Council has set car park aims and objectives which are listed below.

Car Park Strategy Aims

  1. Provide good quality public car parking facilities appropriate to service the needs of the main service centres across the District.
  2. Recognise the different characteristics of the main service centres of Craven District and liaise with key partners (business, Parish Councils, Chamber of Trade etc) in providing car-parking services appropriate to local circumstances.
  3. Seek to support the vitality of service centres and local businesses through the provision and management of appropriate car parking, while recognising that car parking provision can be an important tool to help manage traffic.
  4. Reduce the burden on the taxpayer and shift the cost of car parking provision towards the service users and manage the Council‟s car parking assets in a cost effective manner.
  5. Develop effective communication with customers in order to promote the service and to gather information to inform the development of the service.

Car Park Strategy Objectives

Objective 1 - Ensure that the car park service is developed and delivered on the basis of good information on car park usage and customer needs.

Objective 2 - Ensure that car park services are being carried out to a high standard in terms of economy, efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

Objective 3 - Maintain a charging structure that maximises the use of existing car parks, whilst managing a balance between economic, environmental and traffic management objectives.

Objective 4 - Ensure adequate provision for those with particular requirements.

Objective 5 - Improve information for customers.

Objective 6 - Provide a cost effective enforcement service

Objective 7 - Continue to audit and review the level of parking availability in Craven District and plan accordingly.

Objective 8 - Ensure a cost effective and efficient car park management regime

Download the full parking strategy documents:

Parking Strategy 2014-2019

Parking Strategy Appendix A Bus Route Map 

Parking Strategy Appendix B Neighbour Charges Comparison

All Parking Places in Craven - (CSV, July 2018)


Parking Place Order 2017

We're making some changes to our car parking arrangements in Craven. You can view and download the Notice of Making the Order, and the Order itself, on this page.

The Parking Place Order shows the rules and regulations that apply to all car parks within the Craven area that are owned or managed by Craven District Council and are to be adhered to at all times by users of the car parks.

The effect of the order is:

  1. To replace and revoke The Craven District Council (Off-Street Parking Places) and (Consolidation) Order 2015;
  2. Consolidate the existing provisions set out in the above Order;
  3. Introduce provision for overnight parking for HGVs in the Council's Pay and Display Car Parks (except Waller Hill, Skipton, Bunkers Hill, Skipton, Coach Street, Skipton, Craven Swimming Pool, Skipton, Community Centre, Ingleton and Ashfield, Settle where HGV parking will be prohibited) at a charge of £10.00 per night between the hours of 6pm and 8am, within the areas designated on the plans for each parking place;
  4. Introduce provisions for the parking of motorhomes within 3 designated spaces on Coach Street Car Park, Skipton and 3 designated spaces at Greenfoot Car Park, Settle, at a charge of £5.00 per night with a maximum of 3 consecutive nights between the hours of 6pm and 9am;
  5. Vary the parking charges at Craven Swimming Pool Car Park and introduce pay and display machines.  Charges will apply between the hours of 9am and 7pm.  The parking charges are set out in the schedule to this notice.
  6. Introduce "pop and shop" parking on Coach Street car park, allowing for 30 minutes parking at a charge of £0.20 in 10 designated "pop and shop" parking bays;
  7. Introduce "pop and shop" parking on Ingleton Community Centre car park, allowing for 45 minutes parking at a charge of £0.20 in designated "pop and shop" parking bays;
  8. Remove some land at Skipton Bus Station Car Park, to allow for other uses;
  9. Add new definitions and plans for clarity and to assist with the effective management of off street car parking places within the District.

Download the Parking Places Order 2017