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Comment on a Planning Application

You can comment, support or object to a planning application in the following ways.

Online: Craven District Council - View and Comment on a Planning Application


Post: Development Management, Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton, BD23 1FJ

If you send a comment online or by email, please do not send a duplicate copy by post. Electronic comments carry as much weight as written comments and we process them in the same way.

Comments must include:

  • the planning reference number
  • your name and full postal address (if these details are not given we will not consider your comments and they will not be published on our website). 
  • the date

Personal details

Planning applications are public documents and your comments, including personal details, will form part of the planning application file and are available for other people to read.

We will publish your comments on our website.  Before we do this we will remove your signature, telephone number and email address. Your name will be removed if it associates you to an address but the address will not be removed. It may be possible for others to browse your name and address via online search engines. 

The council has the same legal responsibilities as any other publisher when publishing comments/responses on our website. In view of this, please abide by the following criteria.

  • do not refer to the personal character or motives of the applicant/s
  • do not make any abusive or malicious comments
  • do not mention hearsay or rumour
  • do not use defamatory, slanderous or libellous language

Anonymous comments will not be taken into account and will not be published on the Council’s website. We will not take those specified comments into account when making a decision on an application. Comments will be held on the council’s electronic filing system and will remain public documents available to view at the Council Offices by prior arrangement.

Extreme examples of unacceptable observations will be returned to you.

If you wish to look at the "Working File" to view either un-redacted or unpublished comments, please contact us to arrange this. The full electronic file will then be available to view on a computer screen in our reception area. Please note, we will not make the paper file available to members of the public, as this is solely for the case officer for ease of assessing large plans on site.

We aim to publish acceptable comments on our website within 5 working days of receipt.