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Marketing Evidence

When is marketing evidence required?

Policy Driver

  • Craven Local Plan Policy EC3: Rural Economy
  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

When required?

When the proposal would result in the change of use of an employment premises.

What is required?

Where a proposal would lead to a permanent loss of significant employment floorspace the applicant will need to demonstrate that the use of the site is unlikely to be viable in the longer term for employment activities. Evidence to demonstrate this could include market intelligence and market testing that demonstrates that the site has been exposed to sale or rental, at a price, within its current land use classification (or other uses agreed with the Authority), but has not received any realistic offers. For the Authority to accept market testing as effective evidence of lack of demand it will look for advertising of the premises for a minimum of six months at a price which fairly reflects its value or rental value. The price should be agreed with Craven District Council in advance, and the estate agent should be advised to register expressions of interest with the Authority.