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Noise Assessment

When is a noise assessment required?

Policy Driver

  • Craven Local Plan Policy INF2 Community Facilities and Social Spaces
  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

When required?

When the development is likely to give rise to noise that could disturb residents or the tranquillity of the area around the site. This includes changes of use when commercial / residential are or are to above and/or adjoining. The requirement for a noise assessment may extend to proposals that include the operation of machinery, the installation of ventilation, extraction systems or Air Source Heat Pumps, the movement of significant levels of traffic or intensive human activity or when residential development is proposed near to existing industrial development.

What is required?

Either, a report from a qualified acoustician giving anticipated noise levels and noise mitigation measures, or, a statement from the District Council Environmental Health Officer indicating that the proposed development would be compatible with the location of the site relative to nearest residential properties, taking into account any proposed sound proofing measures. For Air source heat pumps see MCS020.