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Ventilation, Exhaust and Extraction Report

A ventilation, exhaust or extraction report is needed so we can make sure that no nuisance, disturbance or loss of amenity is caused by odour, fumes, food droplets or noise to nearby properties.

Policy Driver

  • Craven Local Plan Policy ENV7: Land and Air Quality
  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)


When required?

Any developments which include the installation of ventilation systems or air-conditioning units. This includes premises in Use Class A3, A4, A5 (includes the sale of food and drink for consumption on the premises or of hot food for consumption off the premises).

It covers most restaurants, cafes, pubs and premises providing hot food take-away. It may also include other businesses where the installation of externally mounted air-conditioning units is proposed.


Adequate ventilation/extraction must be provided in food and drink premises to remove steam, cooking odours and grease-laden air. In most cases, natural ventilation is insufficient and an extract duct with a fan and filters is required to ventilate cooking fumes and remove odours without causing a nuisance to neighbouring properties.

Getting the right ventilation and extraction system for your needs can be complex, and you should contact a specialist contractor who can carry out a ventilation survey or advise on a specific aspect of your requirements.

Metric scaled floor plans (1:50/1:100) to show the layout of internal ductwork to its point of discharge are required, together with metric scaled elevations (1:50/1:100) showing external equipment (flues, vents, grilles etc.) and the technical specification of the proposed system. This should include an acoustic and vibration report.