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Craven District Council

Making a Building Control Application

If the work you intend to carry out needs Building Regulations approval there are two options available to you - Full Plans or Building Notice. Each option normally requires a fee.

If you have already carried out the work please see the regularisation option.

Building Regulation Fees and Charges

Our current fee schedule is not available on the website.  Should you require a copy please request this from

We do have the ability to adjust fees to represent the complexity and risks involved within each individual project, please contact the Building Control section on 01756 706469 or we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your proposed works.

Making a Building Control Application

Make an online application via the planning portal at This service is relatively new and constantly being developed, if you have any feedback regarding the service please contact us.

You can send application forms and plans via email to

There is currently no direct option to pay the fees. Once the application has been received the fee will be requested as part of the formal registration process by the Admin Support Team.

Full Plans Submission

This is the route most people choose.

This entails producing scaled drawings clearly denoting construction details and, where appropriate, structural calculations to confirm the adequacy of the structural design.

A 'Full Plans' submission should contain:

  • two completed copies of an application form
  • two paper copies of a building plan (four copies of plans for commercial development)
  • site location plan
  • the correct fee

When these details are deposited they are checked by the Building Control Surveyor responsible for the area in which where the work is being carried out. Any queries are conveyed to you or your agent and when these are resolved an approval is issued.

Applications will be processed as quickly as possible, but during busy periods, this may take up to 5 weeks (or 2 months by agreement), so long as an application has been received by Building Control the the works may commence before the formal approval notice is issued but you must ensure that relevant inspections are requested.

For advice on the type of application you should submit or require assistance with the application fees, please contact a member of the Building Control staff on 01756 706469 or email

Download the Full Plans Submission form (MS Word)

Download the Full Plans Submission form (PDF)

Building Notice Option

under this option no detailed plans are required.

Under this option, no formal approval is given on a 'Building Notice' therefore you do not have the same protection afforded by approval of detailed building plans as you would have under the 'Full Plans' procedure, also completion certificates may not issued for works undertaken on a 'Building Notice', this would be up to the officers discretion and dependent on what site inspections had been requested and undertaken.

This is a simpler approach particularly suitable for smaller projects such as bathroom installations, minor structural alterations.

This option can be only be used for domestic work. All work to other buildings require the full plans option. You may commence work 48 hours after depositing a valid building notice. A valid 'Building Notice' submission should contain one completed copy of an application form together with a site location plan, and the correct fee.

Contact the Building Control Team to request a Building Notice form.

Replacement Windows and Doors

This option is available for both domestic and commercial re-glazing (please note there is a difference in the application fee for commercial applications). One copy of a Building Notice form should be submitted to our Building Regulations Department, accompanied by the correct fee.

Download 'Application form for Replacement Windows and-or Doors' form (MS Word)

Download 'Application form for Replacement Windows and-or Doors' form (PDF)

Regularisation Option

If you have completed work without applying for Building Regulations, you should seek to regularise the works, by having it checked by Inspectors to make sure all aspects comply with Building Regulations.

You should submit 1 copy of the Regularisation application form, 1 copy of the plans detailing the works which have been carried out and the correct fee. We will then inspect the property after all other stages have been completed and let you know if anything needs to be done for a Regularisation Certificate to be issued.

Some parts may need to be opened up for inspection and we will advise you. We will try to keep this to a minimum.

Download 'Application for Regularisation Certificate' form (MS Word)

Download 'Application for Regularisation Certificate' form (PDF)