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Conservation areas

Areas of special architectural or historic interest, which are designated locally by the Council, but form part of our national heritage

Conservation areas typically cover the older parts of towns and villages, which have historic characters that are important to conserve for present and future generations. There are currently 29 conservation areas in Craven (outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park). Their boundaries are shown on the Policies Map of the Craven Local Plan and on the Council's online mapping web-page.

Please contact us if you need confirmation as to whether or not a property falls within one of these conservation areas. Information about conservation areas within the Yorkshire Dales National Park can be obtained from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Planning requirements are different in conservation areas, in recognition of their special historic or architectural interest, and permission is required for demolition, carrying out work on trees and for some small-scale proposals that would normally be 'permitted development'. Further information is available on the conservation advice web-page.

Conservation area appraisals

Conservation area appraisals are studies used in the designation, monitoring and management of conservation areas. Each study provides details of the area's special interest, identifies potential threats and opportunities for enhancement, and helps to guide future actions and decisions. Appraisals are carried out according to advice from Historic England (formerly English Heritage).

Conservation area boundaries have changed since 2008. Updated boundaries are shown on the Policies Map of the Craven Local Plan and on the Council's online mapping web-page.

Draft conservation area appraisals

The Craven Conservation Areas Project 2016 was undertaken by the Council, Historic England and Alan Baxter Ltd. It adopted an innovative approach to the appraisal of conservation areas and had a particular focus on the role of appraisals in the statutory plan-making process. Draft appraisals produced by the project are included in the evidence base for the Craven Local Plan and can be downloaded below, along with an overarching introduction.

IMPORTANT: Documents produced by the Craven Conservation Areas Project are in electronic format and include interactive maps. In order to utilise the interactive maps, please download the documents onto your computer, tablet or smartphone and view them in a suitable PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat. The interactive maps are unlikely to work properly, if you view the documents in a web browser.

In addition, the project appraised and identified a number of potential new conservation areas. These draft appraisals are also included in the evidence base for the Craven Local Plan and are helpful in considering the likely impact of proposed development on the potential conservation areas identified.

The Council carried out public consultation on the draft conservation area appraisals from 19/10/20 to 14/12/20 and received over 100 responses, including several detailed submissions. The overall response has been very positive with many statements of support, constructive suggestions and a few objections. At present, the Council is discussing the results of the consultation in detail with project partners, Historic England and Alan Baxter Ltd, with a view to amending and adopting all 19 appraisals at the earliest opportunity.