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Apply for planning permission

Planning applications can be submitted electronically through the Planning Portal or alternatively can be made by providing paper based copies of application forms, plans and supporting information.

If you are familiar with the application process, the most efficient way to submit an application is online

You can do this in two ways:

Through the Planning Portal. Once you have registered for the site, you can complete your application form, buy site location plans, upload supporting documents and pay fees online

Or through iApply. With this website, all the forms you need are in one place, from pre-application enquiries to building regulations approval. You can track the progress of your application, and you're automatically notified of any change in its status.

Alternatively, planning application forms can be downloaded from our Forms Download web page.

What type of application is needed?

Before you continue making an application, the first step is to Find out if Planning Permission is required. It may be that there is no need to make an application to the Council.

If permission is needed it is essential to make the right application for the type of permission that you require. For example, in addition to Full applications for planning permission there are different types of planning applications, such as:

  • Outline applications for planning permission
  • Reserved Matters applications
  • Householder Applications for planning permission

There are also a wide variety of other types of permissions and consents that can be applied for such as:

  • Applications for Listed Building Consent
  • Applications for Advertisement Consent
  • Prior Approval Notifications for Telecommunication Installations
  • Prior Approval Notifications for Agricultural Buildings
  • Lawful Development Certificates

See the guidance notes and forms on our Types of planning application web page.

Who can apply?

You don't actually need to own land or a building to apply for permission on it. This means you can apply for permission before deciding whether or not to buy a piece of land or a building.

In many cases it is best to appoint an agent to apply for planning permission on your behalf. For example, the architect or the person that drew your plans or a Planning Consultant who may be a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

What has to be submitted?

All applications have to be made on standard forms that are used throughout the country.

There are different forms for different types of application. In addition to completion of the application form other information is usually required such as plans detailing the proposed development and supporting statements.

Different types of applications have different validation requirements. Copies of application forms and the guidance notes for each type of application can be found on the Application Forms and Guidance Notes web page.

What does it cost?

Most applications have to be accompanied by a planning fee that is set nationally by the UK government. The fees that are required can be found on the Planning Portal.

You can pay online on our web page Pay Planning Fees Online.

Obtaining site location plans

Applications need to be supported by site location plans. More detailed advice on what is required is given in the guidance notes for applications. Copies of Ordnance Survey Maps that can be used as a site location plan can be obtained from a number of retailers including Ordnance Survey itself.