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Revised Validation and Local Information Requirements Consultation

Craven District Council is in the process of reviewing validation requirements for planning applications.

Please note that until a revised local list has been adopted by the Council the current requirements still apply.

What is the validation and local information requirements document for planning applications?

The document sets out the level of information required by the Craven District Council to support planning applications, ensuring that the council can make transparent, well informed and robust decisions on planning applications in the public interest. The intention is to clearly define the minimum amount of information required for proper assessment of an application.   Planning legislation states that any additional information requirements to those prescribed in the national list should be:

1. reasonable having regard, in particular, to the nature and scale of the proposed development; and
2. are about a matter which it is reasonable to think will be a material consideration in the determination of the application.

Why is this review undertaken?

Planning legislation requires that the local planning authority must review its local list every two years. As part of that process the council is required to consult on a draft local list and then formally publish the document having taken any representations into consideration. A copy of the final local list must be made available on our website and the list must be subsequently reviewed every two years.  We last consulted on the local list in the early in 2019 and in reviewing the list we are taking into account:

• The adoption of the Craven Local Plan in April 2019  which has implications for the information requirements for some planning applications,
• Revisions to Government policy in the National Planning Policy Framework 2021 and Planning Practice Guidance.

What is the period of consultation?

The consultation period runs until 03 December 2021.

How to make a comment or observation

Please submit comments by e-mail to, clearly stating within the subject line that it relates to the revised validation and local information requirements consultation.  You may complete and attach the consultation form provided below or include your comments in the email, ensuring that you state the local list items to which the comments relate.  Please ensure to include in your reply your name and if applicable the organisation you represent.

Any comments received will be considered in the preparation of the final document before it is presented to the Councils Policy Committee and subsequently published on our website. 

Please find link to our draft consultation documents below:

Draft Consultation Document

Consultation Response Form