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Planning enforcement - breaches and investigations

How the Council investigates alleged breaches of planning control

When a complaint is received

Once a complaint has been received an acknowledgement will be posted or emailed within 10 working days.  Where no postal or email address is given this cannot be undertaken.

Providing the complaint relates to a potential breach of planning control we will aim to carry out a site visit within 10 working days. An immediate or next day response (same day where feasible) will be taken where the complaint relates to unauthorised works to listed buildings, unauthorised works to protected trees/trees in conservation areas, removal of landscape features required to be retained by condition, development causing harm to Sites of Special Scientific Interest, or uses that are generating significant noise and disturbance.

Final decision

Within 8 weeks of the complaint first being made, the Council will aim to resolve an enforcement complaint.  The decision will need to take account of the following issues: 

  • Whether the suspected breach of planning control actually needs planning permission (or other similar consent) from the Council?
  • Whether planning permission already has been given for the development, and if so whether the work seems to be proceeding in accordance with the approved plans and conditions?
  • If planning permission (or other similar consent) is required and has not already been given, does the development cause any planning problems?  Are the unauthorised works sufficiently serious to justify formal enforcement action being taken?
  • If planning permission (or other similar consent) is required and has not already been given, when was the work undertaken and is it now immune from enforcement action?