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2019: Examination, modification and adoption

Progress of the new local plan in 2019 including modification of the publication draft

19th February - Proposed Main Modifications to the Publication Draft Craven Local Plan

Following submission of the Publication Draft Craven Local Plan in March 2018 and related Examination hearings held in October 2018, the council proposed a number of Main Modifications (amendments) to the plan, in order to make the plan sound. The council ran a six-week public consultation on the proposed Main Modifications from 19th February to 1st April 2019. Although the consultation is now closed, relevant documents are still available, below, for reference purposes. Document numbers correspond to those in the Examination library.

Consultation documents

*The Full SA Appraisals are contained in a set of folders, which have been 'zipped' so you can download and open them on your device.

Additional documents

These were provided for information and completeness only and were not part of the consultation.

In fulfilling its responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty, the council undertook an equality impact assessment of the proposed Main Modifications. Comments on the assessment could be made separately to representations on the Main Modifications.