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Craven District Council Local Plan Examination

The main source of independent information about the local plan examination, including details of the Planning Inspector, Programme Officer, examination hearings and the examination library.

The Council submitted their Plan to the Planning Inspectorate on 27th March 2018.

This page should be viewed alongside the Council's New local plan webpage from which the original submission library may be accessed. The submission library also contains a full set of representations submitted at the Local Plan Publication stage.

Further library items will be added to this Examination page as the Examination progresses and representors and other interested parties are encouraged to view it on a regular basis for new items and latest developments.

Latest news

  • 23rd May - the Inspector has provided some initial questions to the Council and his letter has been added to the library, below, as EL1.001a. The Council's response will be added in due course.

The Inspector

Inspector Matthew Birkinshaw BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI has been appointed, by the Secretary of State, to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the Plan and to subsequently issue a report with his conclusions. 

The Programme Officer

All correspondence to or from the Inspector will be via an independent Programme Officer and Tony Blackburn will fulfil this role. Items should be sent to him, preferably by email, to 

or alternatively by post to him at the following address:

15 Ottawa Close

Additionally he may be contacted by telephone on 01254 260286.

Although this webpage appears on the Council's website, the Programme Officer will be responsible for its contents.

The hearings

The Inspector will hold a series of hearings as part of the Examination process and the timing and location of these will be added to this page in due course.  Additionally, the Programme Officer will contact all Publication stage representors with this and other information.  Any requests from additional parties should be sent directly to the Programme Officer.

Further Examination library items

Items added prior to the start of hearings - select an item from the following table to download a copy

Item Description Author
EL1.001a  A letter from the Inspector, dated 18.05.2018, providing initial questions to the Council  Matthew Birkinshaw, Inspector