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Information about the Gargrave Neighbourhood Development Plan

The following timeline provides a summary of the neighbourhood plan's progress through statutory stages. The timeline begins with the present and unfolds in reverse chronological order as you scroll down the page.


16th April - The Gargrave Neighbourhood Development Plan will proceed to referendum, in line with the Neighbourhood Planning (Referendums) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

The referendum will take place on:

  • Thursday 30th May 2019

A person is entitled to vote in the referendum if:

  • He or she is entitled to vote in an election of any councillor of Craven District Council whose area is in the referendum area; and
  • His or her qualifying address for the election is in the referendum area. A person’s qualifying address is, in relation to a person registered in the register of electors, the address in respect of which he or she is entitled to be so registered.

A number of specified documents may now be inspected in person at:

  • Craven District Council Offices during normal opening hours
  • Gargrave and Malhamdale Community Library during opening hours on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays.

The specified documents are as follows - select a document to download a copy:

March - Mr Robert Bryan examined the Gargrave Neighbourhood Development Plan, by written representations, during November and December 2018. In his final Examiner's Report, received by Craven District Council and Gargrave Parish Council on 22nd January 2019, Mr Bryan recommends a number modifications to the plan and concludes that the plan meets the basic conditions set out by law subject to those modifications being made.

On 24th February 2019, Craven District Council's spatial planning sub-committee considered and agreed with Mr Bryan's recommendations. This means that the Council, as local planning authority, has formally decided that the Gargrave Neighbourhood Development Plan meets the basic conditions - subject to recommended modifications being made - and may proceed to referendum. A referendum will therefore be held on Thursday 30th May 2019.

Mr Bryan's Examiner's Report is available to download, below, together with Craven District Council's Regulation 18 Decision Statement, which sets out its formal decision as local planning authority. Select a document to download a copy.


December - The independent examination of the submitted Gargrave Neighbourhood Development Plan, accompanying documents and representations (see entries for May to August, below) is being carried out by Mr Robert Bryan BA Hons, Dip TP, MRTPI. Details of additional documents relevant to the examination are provided in the following table. Select the document number to download a copy.

Examination of the Gargrave NDP - Additional Documents
Document No. Title Author
AD.001 Email to R Bryan re CDC made no comments during consultation 26.10.18 Craven District Council
AD.002 DF email to R Byran re additional info on HRA 1.11.18 Craven District Council
AD.003 DF email to R Bryan re GA009 CDCs view 1.11.18 Craven District Council
AD.004 CDC response to R Bryan email RE Martin & Aldersely reps 14.11.18 Craven District Council
AD.005 Email to R Bryan re Call for Sites Assessment Rpt 20.11.18 Craven District Council
AD.006 Email from R Byan re resolving consultation objections 19.11.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.007 Email to R Bryan - CDC response to resolving the consultation issue 20.11.18 Craven District Council
AD.008 Email from R Bryan re clarification request from GPC 20.11.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.009a CDC fwd email from GPC re info requested by R Bryan to R Bryan 27.11.18 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.009b Email Attachment: Results & Ranking Order Sheet  23.07.15 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.010 CDC fwd email 1 to R Bryan re CA ref site GA031 27.11.18 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.011 Email fwd to GPC from R Bryan re Policy G2 27.11.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.012 R Bryan response to objections 27.11.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.013a CDC email to R Bryan HRA and SEA documents Gargrave NP 29.11.18 Craven District Council
AD.013b Email Attachment: Gargrave HRA (November 2018) Craven District Council
AD.013c Email Attachment: Gargrave SEA (November 2018) Craven District Council
AD.014 R Bryan response to DF email re HRA & SEA 30.11.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.015a CDC fwd info from GPC to R Bryan table 3 amends 4.12.18 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.015b Email Attachment: Table 3 Proposed Housing Sites plus reg 14 responses V1 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.016 DF email to R Bryan re SEA HEA 4.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.017 R Bryan response to Marton Rd Working Grp 4.12.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.018 R Bryan email re additional info re access 2 site allocations 4.12.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.019 R Bryan email ack receipt of CDC email 5.12.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.020 CDC email to R Bryan re appeal decision Church Ln Gargrave 10.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.021a CDC fwd GPC LGS Ass Doc to R Bryan 10.12.18 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.021b Email attachment: Gargrave LGS Assessment CDC Methodology May 2016 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.022a CDC response to R Bryan flood risk GA025 10.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.022b Email attachment: Appendix 2 - EA letter 8th March Craven District Council
AD.022c Email attachment: Appendix 3 - EA letter 28th March Craven District Council
AD.022d Email attachment: Appendix 4 - EA confirmation of FZ1 Craven District Council
AD.023a GPC response to R Bryan request re access to sites G2,1 & G2,3 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.023b Email attachment: Blank Response Form G2 1 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.023c Email attachment: Blank Response Form G2 3 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.024 CDC response to R Bryan re site GA025 11.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.025a R Bryan email to GPC re amends to Table 3 of GNP 13.12.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.025b Email attachment: Table 3 Proposed Housing Sites plus reg 14 responses V1 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.026 CDC fwd email to R Bryan from MRWG 17.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.027 R Bryan response to MRWG email 17.12.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.028a CDC fwd GPC response to R Bryan email (13.12.18) 17.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.028b Email attachment: Gargrave Comments Form - Informal Consultation May 2015 v2 Craven District Council
AD.028c Email attachment: Minutes GNPWG 24 June 15 Craven District Council
AD.028d Email attachment: Results & Ranking Order Sheet 23.07.15 Craven District Council
AD.029a GPC response to R Bryan Table 3 amends 17.12.18 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.029b Email attachment: Table 3 Proposed Housing Sites plus reg 14 responses V3 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.030 GPC response to R Bryan Table 3 amends & RB response 17.12.18 Gargrave Parish Council
AD.031a CDC email to R Bryan fwd Minutes of GPC Mtg (14.12.18) 18.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.031b Email attachment: Minutes of Parish Council Review Meeting 14 Dec 2018 Craven District Council
AD.032a CDC email to MRWG fwd Minutes of GPC mtg (14.12.18) as requested by R Bryan 18.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.032b Email attachment: Minutes of Parish Council Review Meeting 14 Dec 2018 Craven District Council
AD.033 R Bryan email to CDC re GPC Minutes 18.12.18 Mr Robert Bryan, Examiner
AD.034 CDC email to R Bryan re questions re YW consultation 19.12.18 Craven District Council
AD.035 CDC email to R Bryan re Gargrave NP Consultation with Natural England 19.12.18 Craven District Council

August - Representations submitted during public consultation (see below) are now being considered. The next stage is for the plan, accompanying documents and representations to be subjected to independent examination to establish whether the plan meets basic conditions set by law. If the plan is found to be satisfactory, with modifications if necessary, Craven District Council will arrange for a local referendum to take place within the area covered by the plan. If more than 50% of those voting vote in favour, Craven District Council will bring the plan into force.

June - Craven District Council ran a 6-week public consultation on the submitted Neighbourhood Plan from 25th June to 6th August 2018. Although the consultation is now closed, copies of the submission documents are still available, below, for reference purposes - document numbers have been added for the examination (see above). Select a document to download a copy.

May - Gargrave Parish Council formally submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to Craven District Council, under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The draft plan is intended to guide new development proposals in the parish up to 2032 and includes policies on housing, employment, environment, green spaces and infrastructure.


Consultation on the parish council's application to designate a neighbourhood area closed on 20th January 2014 (no comments received) and Gargrave Neighbourhood Plan Area was designated by Craven District Council on 27th January 2014.

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