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2012: Shaping a spatial strategy and housing figure

Progress of the new local plan in 2012

19th December - SHLAA

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee approved publication of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and the related Site Checklist:

30th October - spatial strategy settlements

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered which settlements might have land allocated for housing development, how much development might be appropriate for each settlement and what criteria might be used to identify preferable sites:

8th October - workshop feedback

The Council's Spatial Planning Sub-Committee used stakeholder feedback from the September workshops to guide further work by the Planning Policy Team:

5th to 14th September - stakeholder workshops

Participatory workshops were held for parish councils and other stakeholders. Three workshop exercises were used to discuss a spatial strategy, a housing figure and an approach to allocations, policies and neighbourhood planning: