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2014: Towards a draft local plan

Progress of the new local plan in 2014

11th December - consultation statistics

Here are some statistics about the response we've had to the draft local plan, plus information about what happens next:

4th November - consultation

The council ran a six-week consultation, on a first informal draft of the new local plan, from 22nd September to 3rd November 2014. The consultation gave people an opportunity to provide feedback at an early stage of the draft plan's preparation and to shape its progress. Whilst you can still view relevant documents (see below), the consultation is now closed.

Consultation documents:

Further information:

Background Documents:

3rd June - preferred sites for consultation

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered the team's work on identifying a selection of preferred housing and employment sites for the forthcoming draft local plan, which will be the subject of public consultation later this year (subscribe in advance). This initial selection is based on the outcome of site checklists, last year's community engagement events (see 2013) and preliminary sustainability appraisal. Here is the outcome of the sub-committee meeting:

14th April - mid-to-south adjustment

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered the team's latest work on housing figures for the upcoming draft local plan. It was agreed that we should propose a lower figure in the Mid Sub-Area and a higher figure in the South Sub-Area, particularly in Skipton (but also in Carleton). The draft local plan will be based on this mid-to-south adjustment and will be discussed with communities, parish councils and other stakeholders during this year's further engagement. The sub-committee considered the following information: