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2015: Improving on the first draft

Progress of the new local plan in 2015

19th October - Objectively Assessed Need for housing (OAN)

The spatial planning sub-committee has accepted emerging evidence indicating an OAN of 290 dwellings per year (on average, for the whole district, including the national park) and has recommended to its parent committee (policy committee) a housing target and distribution strategy for the next draft of the new local plan. The recommended target is 256 dwellings per year, on average, which would provide 5,120 new homes over a 20-year plan period running from 2012 to 2032. Full details of what was discussed and agreed are contained in the sub-committee report and appendices. Any housing target and distribution strategy agreed by the policy committee will need final approval from the full council.

Update 3/11/15: The policy committee accepted and agreed the OAN, housing target and distribution strategy referred to above.

Update 1/12/15: The policy committee's decision was ratified at a meeting of the full council.

25th September - spatial strategy update

Here is a document that collates, presents and explains the spatial strategy options considered so far, plus some new variations emerging from consultation and recent evidence gathering. It puts the relevant information together in one place and should make it easier to follow our spatial strategy work. We hope you find it informative and interesting.

25th February - feedback, progress and timetable

The council's response to comments made on the first draft local plan (22/9/14 version) is available below. The "Policy Response Papers" document includes details of how comments have been taken on-board in the preparation of a second draft local plan (see above).

Here is a presentation on the main comments made about the draft local plan during public consultation last year, which gives a good overview of how the draft plan was received.

Detailed summaries of all comments are available below. The first summary relates to comments made about the various sections of the draft local plan document and the second summary relates to comments made about individual settlements.

Here is a report on progress and areas for further action, following consultation on the draft local plan. It provides a lot of information about the work that needs to be done in order to make progress on a second consultation draft.

Taking into account the feedback, progress and need for further work, reported above, we've been able to prepare a revised timetable for preparing the new local plan. This revised timetable or "local development scheme" (LDS) is available on our Local plan timetable web-page.