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Local plan timeline

An overview of new local plan preparation from 2012 to 2019

The following timeline provides a summary of progress made towards adoption of the emerging Craven Local Plan. The timeline begins with the present and unfolds in reverse chronological order as you scroll down the page. By selecting a heading you can follow a link to further details of progress made during that year.

2019: Examination, modification and adoption

February: Invitation to make representations on proposed Main Modifications to the Publication Draft Craven Local Plan

2018: Publication, submission and examination

March: Craven Local Plan submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

January: Representations invited on the Publication Draft Craven Local Plan and revised Statement of Community Involvement

2017: Towards publication and submission

December: Response to comments on the third pre-publication draft local plan

June: Consultation on the third pre-publication draft local plan

2016: Second draft local plan

July: Preferred housing sites consultation - WITHDRAWN

April: Consultation on the second pre-publication draft local plan

2015: Improving on the first draft

December: Objectively Assessed Need for housing (OAN), housing target and distribution strategy for the next draft local plan accepted and agreed by full council

September: Update on spatial strategy options

February: Response to comments on the first draft local plan; report on local plan progress and areas for further action; revised local development scheme (LDS)

2014: Towards a draft local plan

December: Statistics and initial feedback on first draft local plan consultation

November: Consultation on first draft local plan

June: Initial selection of preferred sites for consultation

April: Mid to south adjustment of sub-area housing figures

2013: Community engagement events

November: Key points from feedback received at the community drop-in events

June: Information and output from 20 community drop-in events in 16 towns and villages

2012: Shaping a spatial strategy and housing figure

December:  Publication of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

October: Identification of spatial strategy settlements, which might have land allocated for housing development, how much development might be appropriate for each settlement and what criteria might be used to identify preferable sites. Feedback from stakeholder workshops held in September.

September: Participatory workshops for parish councils and other stakeholders to discuss a spatial strategy, a housing figure and an approach to allocations, policies and neighbourhood planning