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Craven District Council

Policy evidence

Access evidence and background documents for specific policies of the Craven Local Plan

Policy SD1: The Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development

  • Not applicable

Policy SD2: Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change

Policy SP1: Meeting Housing Need

Policy SP2: Economic Activity and Business Growth

Policy SP3: Housing Mix and Density

Policy SP4: Spatial Strategy and Housing Growth

Policies SP5 to SP11 (strategies for Tier 1 to 4 settlements)

Policy SP12: Infrastructure, Strategy and Development Delivery

Policy ENV1: Countryside and Landscape

Policy ENV2: Heritage

Policy ENV3: Good Design

Policy ENV4: Biodiversity

Policy ENV5: Green Infrastructure

Policy ENV6: Flood Risk

Policy ENV7: Land and Air Quality

Policy ENV8: Water Resources, Water Quality and Groundwater

Policy ENV9: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

Policy ENV10: Local Green Space

Policy ENV11: The Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Policy ENV12: Footpaths, Bridleways, Byways and Cycle Routes

Policy ENV13: Green Wedges

Policy H1: Specialist Housing for Older People

Policy H2: Affordable Housing

Policy H3: Gypsies, Travellers, Showmen and Roma

Policy EC1: Employment and Economic Development and
Policy EC2: Safeguarding Existing Employment Areas

Policy EC3: Rural Economy

  • Not applicable

Policy EC4: Tourism

  • Not applicable

Policy EC4A: Tourism-Led Development at Bolton Abbey

Policy EC4B: Tourism Development Commitment at Hellifield

  • Not applicable

Policy EC5: Town, District and Local Centres and
Policy EC5A: Residential Use in Town and Village Centres

Policy INF1: Planning Obligations

  • Not applicable

Policy INF2: Community Facilities and Social Spaces

Policy INF3: Sport, Open Space and Recreation Facilities

Policy INF4: Parking Provision

Policy INF5: Community Infrastructure

Policy INF6: Education Provision

Policy INF7: Sustainable Transport and Highways