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Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

Access the SHELAA, which assesses the potential supply of land, in the local area, for housing and economic development

Key points about the SHELAA

  • Provides technical information about sites submitted by landowners or their agents 
  • Enables the Council to estimate the potential yield of sites
  • Enables the Council to estimate when sites may be delivered
  • Enables the Council to assess the suitability, availability and achievability of sites
  • Informs, but does not determine, the allocation of sites in future reviews of the Craven Local Plan
  • Does not inform or determine the outcome of planning applications

SHELAA methodology

The Council's SHELAA methodology was updated in 2020 following consultation. Details of how the Council responded to feedback can be downloaded below, along with the finalised methodology itself:

SHELAA publication

The SHELAA is updated and published annually, in accordance with the methodology above, and includes a trajectory of future land supply from available, suitable and achievable sites. The current update and appendices can be viewed or downloaded via the links below. Previous updates are archived here.

How to submit a site

  • Landowners/agents wishing to promote land for development may submit sites for assessment in the SHELAA
  • Housing sites should be at least 0.1ha
  • Economic sites should be at least 0.25ha or provide at least 500sqm of floorspace
  • Sites that fall below these thresholds will be recorded, but not assessed further

In order to submit a site, please read our guidance notes and return a completed Land Availability Questionnaire (LAQ). Paper copies can be requested from the Spatial Planning Team. By signing and submitting the LAQ, you also confirm that you have read the relevant Privacy Notice.

In order to maintain up-to-date information about site availability, the Council will require landowners/agents to complete an LAQ for each of their SHELAA sites every two years. If a required LAQ is not received, the Council may record the site as not available when updating the SHELAA.

Brownfield sites

Any brownfield sites submitted for assessment in the SHELAA will be automatically considered for inclusion in Part I of the Council's brownfield land register.