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Craven District Council

Making an Effective Comment

Keep your letter short, legible and to the point. Send your letter before the deadline date.


Local communities may wish to register their comments about a development with a petition. This is an acceptable method of communication.  However, please note that the reasons for the petition (usually the front cover) will be published, but subsequent pages with signatures will not. We will include a tally of those who have signed the petition.

Comments that can be taken into account

  • loss of privacy
  • overshadowing
  • design
  • highway safety
  • traffic and parking
  • noise (from the proposed use, not building works during construction)
  • incompatible uses
  • scale of development
  • appearance of development
  • wildlife
  • trees
  • flooding
  • effect on conservation areas and/or listed buildings 
  • explain how the proposed development affects any of the above issues

Comments that cannot be taken into account

  • personal issues with neighbours
  • loss of private views
  • business competition
  • noise or disturbance during building operations
  • property devaluation
  • private covenants
  • boundary disputes
  • impact of private rights of access  
  • anonymous comments

Comment in good time

  • the deadline for comments is 21 days from the date on the letter/ publicity notifying you about the application
  • however, all comments received up until the decision is made will be considered
  • if comments are made after the 21 day deadline and a decision has already been made, your comments will not be taken into consideration
  • it is advisable to make your comments as soon as possible
  • if you make your comments online you can chose to receive an automated response. We do not acknowledge receipt of comments sent by email or post
  • case officer’s do not send personal responses to comments.