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Rural Workers’ Dwelling Justification

Where an application is made for a dwelling in a rural location and justified by its association with an agricultural/forestry or other rural business need.

For a permanent dwelling, the document should include: -

• evidence of functional need for the proposed dwelling;
• information to demonstrate the associated enterprise is viable or there are clear prospects it will be.
• evidence that any need for the dwelling cannot be met by existing dwelling or re-use of existing building;
• evidence that the size of the dwelling is commensurate with functional requirements of the enterprise.

For a temporary dwelling on a new rural enterprise, the document should include evidence to show compliance with economic and functional tests and no appropriate accommodation available in the locality.

All applications should be supported by a business plan, or equivalent financial assessment, to demonstrate that the farm or other rural enterprise is viable and will remain so.

Applications of this type will benefit from the submission of a Planning Statement.

Further requirements relating to the justification of rural workers’ dwellings are set out in paragraph 80(a) of the National Planning Policy Framework and in Planning Practice Guidance.

Please note if any document includes sensitive details of a personal or commercial nature, they must be clearly marked “confidential”. The same applies to their file name if submitted electronically.

Agricultural Dwelling Supplementary Information