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Sustainable Drainage System Strategy (SuDS)

This applies to all applications proposing 10 or more residential units or 1000 sq. gross floor space or more.

In addition to any requirement for a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), the following information with regard to surface water drainage must be submitted:

Outline Planning Application

Any outline application for a development falling within the definition of ‘major’ shall be accompanied by a drainage strategy. Information to include:

  • indicative sustainable drainage principles for the development
  • topographical survey showing how water naturally flows on the site together with
  • groundwater and land drainage flows
  • proposed destination for surface water post-development
  • ground investigation results for infiltration (if appropriate)
  • existing and/or proposed watercourses
  • existing and/or proposed surface water sewers and/or pumping stations
  • surface water flows onto the site, flows from the site and flood risk to and from the site
  • offsite works which may be required to provide surface water drainage or mitigate
  • against flood risk
  • sensitive receptors
  • general maintenance principles

Full Planning Applications

In addition to details required for an Outline application (listed above) the following shall be provided:

  • details of compliance with Defra non-statutory technical standards
  • off-site works
  • consents required
  • flow paths through the development
  • surface water storage volumes and locations
  • sub-catchment areas
  • treatment train components
  • proposed landscaping and/or vegetative systems
  • design calculations for:
    -greenfield run-off
    -brownfield run-off if appropriate (including reductions)
    -peak flow rates
    -surface water volumes
    -storage requirements
    -drain down times
    -multi-use areas
    -exceedance routes
    -temporary drainage during construction
    -climate change allowances
    -future development allowances
    -details of how the sustainable drainage system is to be maintained, and by whom, for the lifetime of the development