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Planning Application Fees

Planning fees are set nationally and the cost of making a planning application varies depending on the proposal.

From 17 January 2018 the fees have been revised as shown on the Schedule of Fees.  The correct fee must be sent in with your application, otherwise your application will be delayed.  Any receipt issued by the *Planning Portal or the Council for the payment of fees does not mean that the application is valid. You will be sent a letter which will either formally acknowledge receipt of the application, or explain why it is invalid.

*Planning Portal Applications: The payment of the fee will be requested by the Planning Portal direct to you or your agent and payment much be made through the Planning Portal, otherwise your application will be held back.  

If submitting applications directly to Craven District Council, please contact for your unique reference number and options on how payments can be made.

Credit/Debit Card Payment

Please note that you will need to enter your Planning Reference Number (if you have one, otherwise the site postcode) in the 'Reference' field, and you will need to enter the 'Amount' as pounds and pence with a decimal point in between, e.g. 145.32 or 68.00

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General payment notes

We cannot accept payment via Diners Card or American Express.