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Tell us about a newbuild or conversion

A service for individuals or developers converting residential, commercial or industrial premises or or building new properties or premises.

Once you have received planning permission you should apply for a postal address in the early stages of any new build or conversion. You should definitely apply before any new build or conversion is substantially complete.

If your request involves the naming of new streets, there may be a delay processing your application due to the consultation process with local ward Councillors and parish councils.


New builds

First new dwelling or unit £132
Each additional dwelling or unit £82


X1 new build = £132
X2 new build = £132 + (1x £82) totals £214
X3 new build = £132 + (2x £82) totals £296


First conversion of dwelling or unit £132
Each additional dwelling or unit £82


Initial conversion = £132 (split into 2)
Split into 3 = £132 + (1x £82) totals £214
Split into 4 = £132 + (2x £82) totals £296


Creation of a new street £99


X1 new street = £99
X2 new streets - £198

Before you start

To complete your application you will need:

  • your contact name and details
  • location and type of development
  • official marketing name of the development (where relevant)
  • planning permission approval number
  • suggested new street names (where relevant)
  • your debit or credit card


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