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Craven District Council

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee main purpose is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and governance within the Council and within the Parish and Town Councils in the District.

It is made up of proportionally represented District Councillors and, where appropriate is assisted by independent people and parish council representatives.

The Committee assists all Councillors and Co-Opted Members in observing the Code of Conduct and where appropriate, provides training.

It also advises the Council on any revisions to the Code of Conduct and discusses any reports from the Monitoring Officer on ethical standards issues and decides on sanctions where it is judged that the Code of Conduct has been breached.

Download Agenda and Report packs for all Standards Committee meetings

Next Meeting

Wednesday 06 Nov 2019

6:30 PM - 8:45 PM

Upcoming Meetings:

Wednesday 06 Nov 2019
Wednesday 22 Jan 2020
Wednesday 11 Mar 2020