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About the Planning Committee

About the Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is comprised of 12 Councillors. The Committee meets every month.  Its role is to consider significant planning applications for development and deal with all development control and associated issues, including tree matters and enforcement connected to the development of that part of the Craven District outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Most issues relating to Building Control are delegated to officers to deal with.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is responsible for planning policy and development control within the Park area, which covers around two-thirds of the land area of Craven.

Audio Recording of Committee Meetings

We make a recording of each Planning Committee meeting and store them on Soundcloud, an audio streaming website. You can listen to recordings by visiting the Soundcloud website. Visit the Soundcloud website here

Public Participation at Planning Committee meetings

The procedure for public speakers at Planning Committee meetings can be downloaded here 

If you require any Council / Committee information prior to the 2017-18 municipal year then please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone (01756) 706486.

Committee Membership

  • Councillor Sutcliffe (Chairman)
  • Councillor Brockbank (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Brown
  • Councillor Harbron
  • Councillor Heseltine
  • Councillor Lis
  • Councillor Morrell
  • Councillor Place
  • Councillor Pringle
  • Councillor Rose
  • Councillor Shuttleworth
  • Councillor Welch

Substitute Members

  • Councillor Barrett
  • Councillor Handley
  • Councillor Hull
  • Councillor Noland
  • Councillor Madeley
  • Councillor Solloway