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About the Planning Committee

About the Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is comprised of 12 Councillors. It deals with all development control and associated issues, including tree matters and enforcement connected to the development of that part of the Craven District outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Further detail on the terms of reference can be found by clicking the link here. Most issues relating to Building Control are delegated to officers to deal with.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is responsible for planning policy and development control within the Park area, which covers around two-thirds of the land area of Craven.

Committee papers are made available five working days before each meeting. Meetings take place every four weeks.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty downloading papers from this page, please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone on 01756 706235 .

More information regarding planning services or to view details of an application on line can be found on the planning services pages within this website.

[Note:  If you require any committee documents before May 2010, please email us.]

Planning Committee 15 January 2018 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2018-01-15.pdf 119.08 KB23/01/2019
Delegated Applications - Decisions 76.38 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Closed_December_2017.pdf 62.49 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_18-12-2017.pdf 284.14 KB23/01/2019
New_Enforcement_Cases_December_2017.pdf 316.69 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications.pdf 1013.16 KB23/01/2019


Planning Committee 18 December 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-12-18.pdf 120.08 KB23/01/2019
Calterber_Barn_2.pdf 137.45 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-_Decisions.pdf 86.34 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Closed_November_2017.pdf 57.89 KB23/01/2019
New_Enforcement_Cases_November_2017.pdf 324.16 KB23/01/2019
Planning_Committee_2017-11-20.pdf 317.7 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications_1.pdf 831.52 KB23/01/2019
Site_Visit_Agenda_2017-12-181.pdf 145.71 KB23/01/2019


Planning Committee 20 November 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-11-20.pdf 119.06 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-Decisions.pdf 81.82 KB23/01/2019
Late_Information_Report_-_20.11.2017.pdf 278.84 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_23-10-2017.pdf 228.67 KB23/01/2019
October_2017_Cases_Closed.pdf 97.08 KB23/01/2019
October_2017_New_Cases.pdf 314.24 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications.pdf 1.08 MB23/01/2019
Site_Visit_Agenda.doc.pdf 145.58 KB23/01/2019


Planning Committee 23 October 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-10-232.pdf 118.87 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-_Decisions.pdf 82.76 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Closed_August_2017.pdf 310.29 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Closed_Sept_2017.pdf 322.89 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Registered_August_2017.pdf 571.17 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Registered_Sept_2017.pdf 569.61 KB23/01/2019
Late_Information_Report_-_23_10_17.pdf 274.19 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_25-09-2017.pdf 175.22 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applcations.pdf 861.37 KB23/01/2019

Planning Committee 25 September 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-09-25.pdf 118.52 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_Decisions_18-08-2017_to_14-09-2017.pdf 84.23 KB23/01/2019
Planning_Committee_2017-08-30.pdf 110.47 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications_1.pdf 427.54 KB23/01/2019
Site_Visit_Agenda_2017-09-25.pdf 143.28 KB23/01/2019

Planning Committee 30 August 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-08-30.pdf 118.82 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-_Decisions.pdf 65.88 KB23/01/2019
Late_Information_Report_-_30.08-17.pdf 463.43 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_2017-08-08.pdf 402.94 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications_30-08-2017.pdf 263.74 KB23/01/2019
Site_Visit_Agenda_2017-08-30.pdf 143.22 KB23/01/2019


Planning Committee 8 August 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-08-081.pdf 118.94 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-_Decisions.pdf 185.69 KB23/01/2019
Late_Information_Report_-_8.08-17.pdf 204.12 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_03-07-2017.pdf 146.23 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications.pdf 473 KB23/01/2019
Site_Visit_Agenda_2017-08-08.pdf 142.29 KB23/01/2019

Planning Committee 3 July 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-07-03.pdf 118.87 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-_Decisions.pdf 172.42 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_05-06-2017.pdf 171.33 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications1.pdf 468 KB23/01/2019

Planning Committee 5 June 2017 File size Date Uploaded
Agenda_2017-06-051.pdf 119.22 KB23/01/2019
Delegated_Applications_-_Decisions.pdf 36.89 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Closed_April_2017.pdf 29.15 KB23/01/2019
Enforcement_Cases_Registered_April_2017.pdf 35.19 KB23/01/2019
Late_Information_Report_-_5-06-17.pdf 329.21 KB23/01/2019
Minutes_of_Meeting_2017-05-08.pdf 284.66 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications.pdf 496.29 KB23/01/2019
Schedule_of_Applications_Appendix_-_Application_63-2016-17465.pdf 297.9 KB23/01/2019