Craven District Council

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Craven District Council

Corporate Leadership Team

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Paul Shevlin

Chief Executive

Responsible for: Overall coordination and management of the council's activities. Supporting the Leader of the Council and Corporate Leadership Team ensuring delivery of their policies and objectives, in particular the delivery of the outcomes within the Council Plan, also the named Returning Officer for Elections.

Paul Ellis

Director of Services

Responsible for: Planning and Regeneration, Environmental Health, Waste Management, Housing, ICT & Transformation, Partnerships & Engagement and Asset & Commercial Services (including Leisure).

Graham Soulsby

Chief Finance Officer and Section 151 Officer

Responsible for: Financial Management, Payroll & Exchequer Services, Risk & Insurance, Procurement, Value For Money (VFM), Performance Management, Internal Audit, Revenues & Benefits and accountable to the Chief Executive in relation to Section 151 Officer statutory responsibilities.

Annette Moppett

Solicitor to the Council and Monitoring Officer

Responsible for: Legal Services, Democratic Services, Licensing and Monitoring Officer ensuring that council decisions are both lawful and fair.

David Smurthwaite

Strategic Manager Planning and Regeneration

Responsible for: Planning Services, Planning Policy, Building Control, Economic Development and Museums / Arts & Venue Development.