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Craven District Council

About the Policy Committee

The Policy Committee exercises the Council's powers in making decisions or recommendations on all major non-regulatory matters.

The Policy Committee is comprised of 15 Councillors and makes decisions on matters within its terms of reference that are not delegated to officers or the regulatory committees, or reserved to the Council Meeting.  Decisions on plans, policies or strategies which are considered to have a significant corporate impact, or which have a significant impact on the Council's resources, are referred to the Council Meeting for confirmation.

Due to Covid-19, Council and Committee meetings are currently being held remotely and live streamed on the Council's YouTube page, which you can access here:

(Please note that all YouTube recordings are for information purposes only and the Minutes are the official record of a meeting.)

If you require any Council / Committee information prior to the 2017-18 municipal year then please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone (01756) 706226.

Committee Membership

  • Councillor Foster (Chair)
  • Councillor Brockbank (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Barrett
  • Councillor Heseltine
  • Councillor Madeley
  • Councillor Metcalfe
  • Councillor Moorby
  • Councillor Morrell
  • Councillor Mulligan
  • Councillor Myers
  • Councillor Noland
  • Councillor Ogden
  • Councillor Place
  • Councillor Rose
  • Councillor Wheeler

Substitute Members

  • Conservatives - Councillor Handley, Councillor Whitaker
  • Independents - Councillor Pighills, Councillor Solloway, Councillor Shuttleworth
  • Labour - Councillor Mercer
  • Green - Councillor Brown