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Craven District Council

Recruitment and Appeals Panel

The Recruitment and Appeals Panel deals with matters relating to the recruitment and appointment of chief officers and senior management posts where the Council’s Constitution requires an Elected Member Panel to make the appointment.

The Panel also determines appeals relating to employee matters, such as discipline and grievance, where Member involvement is required.

If you require any Council / Committee information prior to the 2017-18 municipal year then please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone (01756) 706226.

Committee Membership

(3 from a pool of 10)

  • Councillor Brockbank
  • Councillor Foster
  • Councillor Lis
  • Councillor Myers
  • Councillor Staveley
  • Councillor Morrell
  • Councillor Heseltine
  • Councillor Solloway
  • Councillor Madeley
  • Councillor Brown

Agenda documents 2021-22

Agenda documents 2018-19

Agenda documents 2017-18