Craven District Council

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Craven District Council

About the Standards Committee

The main purpose of the Standards Committee is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and governance.

The Standards Committee is made up of proportionally represented District Councillors and is assisted by independent and parish council representatives.

The Committee assists all Councillors in observing the Council's Code of Conduct and where appropriate, provides training.

It also advises the Council on any revisions to the Code of Conduct and discusses any reports from the Monitoring Officer on ethical standards issues.

If you require any Council / Committee information prior to the 2017-18 municipal year then please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone (01756) 706226.

Committee Membership


  • Councillor Ireton (Chairman)
  • Councillor Metcalfe (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Mercer
  • Councillor Solloway
  • Councillor Whitaker

Parish Representatives

  • Veronicka Dancer
  • Michael Rooze
  • Robert Stead

Independent Persons

  • John Boumphrey
  • Peter Charlesworth
  • Roger Millin