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Craven District Council

Council Performance

The Council's Performance Management Framework sets out the integrated approach to monitoring of the Council's performance to ensure it continues to provide value for money.

The Performance Management Framework monitors performance against:

  • The Council Plans
  • Annual Service Plans
  • Performance Indicators related to the Council Plan and Service Plans
  • Actions taken in respect to recommendations from Internal Audit   
  • Revenue Budget
  • Capital Budget Programme

The quarterly programme involves a series of  Value for Money Clinics for individual services, and reports to the Council's Corporate Leadership Team, Policy Committee and  Audit and Governance Committee.


Craven District Council operates one Overview and Scrutiny Committee with 12 Members.

Craven District Council operates a committee system for making decisions, and this is complemented by an Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

The main role of Overview and Scrutiny is:

  • vetting decisions made by the Policy Committee;
  • getting involved in developing and reviewing the Council's policies for key service areas, such as the local economy, addressing housing needs and individual services; and
  • monitoring the Council's performance in delivering its services.

In addition, Overview and Scrutiny has an important role in considering local issues of concern and involving the community.

For further information on the Overview and Scrutiny function, please contact 01756 706236 or