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Members' Allowances

The Council publishes details of Members' Allowances and amounts paid to them.

Independent Remuneration Panel

The Local Government and Housing Act 1989 and the Local Government Act 2000 provide for Craven District Council to operate a Scheme of Members' Allowances. The Scheme is recommended by an Independent Remuneration Panel, appointed by Craven District Council, consisting of individuals who are not directly associated with the Council.

The current membership comprises:

  •  John Boumphrey (Chair of the Panel)
  •  Greg Robinson
  •  Roger Millin.

The Allowances' Scheme provides for the payment of allowances to Members, and co-optees, which may include provision for a basic allowance, special responsibility allowances, dependant carers' allowances, and travel and subsistence allowances.

The most recent review of members' allowances was undertaken by the Independent Remuneration Panel in November and December 2019.  The Chair of the Panel presented its final report and recommendations to the Council meeting on 25 February 2020.  All of the recommendations contained in the report were approved by Council. 

The next review of Members' Allowances is due in 2023.

Download the Independent Remuneration Panel report

Download the Scheme of Members' Allowances