Craven District Council

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Craven District Council

Membership of Committees

Councillors are appointed to a range of Committees and Sub-Committees at the start of each municipal year.

From the Annual Council Meeting in May to the Annual Council Meeting in the following May.  Appointments are made to the following committees:

Policy Committee

Select Committee

Audit and Governance Committee

Licensing Committee

Planning Committee

Standards Committee

Meetings of the Council, its committees and sub-committees are open to the public, except when confidential matters are being discussed.  Members of the public may ask questions or make a statement at the start of meetings.

Lead Member and Member Champions

Lead Members are appointed by Annual Council to take the lead in ensuring that corporate priorities are delivered.  They act as adviser for the lead officers and monitor and report regularly at Council meetings on progress in each of their priority areas. Member Champions are appointed for cross-cutting areas.

Lead Members:

Affordable Housing - Councillor Foster

Enterprising Craven - Councillor Myers

Resilient Communities - Councillor Ogden

Greener Craven - Councillor Moorby

Financial Resilience (includes Asset Management) - Councillor Mulligan

Internal Services - Councillor Metcalfe

Planning - Councillor Brockbank

Member Champions:

Equalities - Chair of Standards Committee (Councillor Ireton)

Older People - Councillor Sutcliffe

Children and Younger People - Councillor Ogden

Members Training and Development - Councillor Metcalfe

Armed Forces - Councillor Ireton

District of Sanctuary - Councillor Rose